The memory box and accompanying Barandeh fragrances are currently distributed from Europe to the Middle East. A careful selection of fine oils from Grasse and a luxurious and striking design are behind Barandeh’s success in marketing a premium product of unrivalled quality.

There's never been a better time
to join Barandeh!

As a Barandeh Consultant, you call the shots. Whether you want to make a little extra cash or make Barandeh your full-time job, we give you everything you need to build a thriving business that fits around your life.

Perks of being a Barandeh Consultant:

   Choose your own hours
   Build your own personal brand and financial freedom
   Earn commission on every sale
   Be recognized and celebrate your success with gifts
   Receive products at an incredible discount
   Unmatched flexibility
   Meet new people every day
   Much More

Interested in the opportunity? Let's build your dream today!

Barandeh Consultant QUERIES AND ANSWERS

Q1.) Can a Barandeh Consultant work from home?
Yes, of course, a Barandeh Consultant can work from home.

Q2.) How much Deposit does a Barandeh Consultant need to give to join?
A Barandeh Consultant needs to give a € 200.00 Refundable Deposit.

Q3.) How many bottles of perfume does a Barandeh Consultant get to sell?
In the beginning a Barandeh Consultant gets 10 units of bottles to sell. Then later with more sales the units will increase.

Q4.) In how many days does a Barandeh Consultant have to sell the Perfumes?
For the first batch a Barandeh Consultant gets 6 weeks to sell the perfume bottles.

Q5.) Are the perfume bottles sealed?
Yes, the Perfume bottles are completely sealed.

Q6.) Do you also give sample bottles?
Yes, sample perfume bottles are provided.

Q7.) Is there a minimum quantity which has to be sold?
A Barandeh Consultant has to sell at least 3 bottles.

Q8.) What if the Perfume bottles are not sold by the Barandeh Consultant?
If after the 6 weeks have gone by and the bottles are still unsold then the Barandeh Consultant can return 7 bottles back and collect their deposit after deducting the cost of the 3 bottles.

Check our Barandeh Consultant Agreement